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Elphie'n'Galinda by Hetalia8P Elphie'n'Galinda :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 2 2 Rachel Banner by Hetalia8P Rachel Banner :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 0 11
The skin under the eyes not yet pulled taut
by the ever-present thought
of eventual, inevitable demise.
Those two expanses clashing with the rest
Jealous, the others soon divest
Their higher brothers of blooming chances.
It isn't right, feeling set in my skin
The ease reflects something within
So I transition from doubt to repeated trite.  
:iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 1 14
A Rainbow of Colberts by Hetalia8P A Rainbow of Colberts :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 2 0 HousexCuddy Pic Madness by Hetalia8P HousexCuddy Pic Madness :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 0 8 Ron'n'Luna Pic Madness by Hetalia8P Ron'n'Luna Pic Madness :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 1 1 LaviYuu Pic Madness by Hetalia8P LaviYuu Pic Madness :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 3 13 LaviYuu by Hetalia8P LaviYuu :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 2 9 EllenxPage Pic Madness by Hetalia8P EllenxPage Pic Madness :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 1 0
Fangirl Poems 1-4
Silver hair, thy truthful fox
Bring to us in trickling bundles your care.
And then as ice mimicking steel eyes the clock
A parting of lips just for Stephen Colbert.
Forcing signs of raw man from sheer puppet
Bubbling sun from lifeless script
Persistent smiles, it’s gone, just fuck it
Sightless prompters now bitten and nipped.
He’s a kid, innocent and idealistic, with a gun and badge in hand.
Lost in his cement jungle with a foot in the suctioned, beckoning river.
She’s alone with a heart that’s meant to reach and save.
Appreciated? No. But she pulls adoration from any and all,
Including him, though any confession would undermine his nonexistent manliness.
Don’t you see and feel and hear the sparking connection waiting to happen?
Incompletion is a morbid condition, the cure nothing but the obvious epiphany.
She knows love. He’s ready.
Do my eyes see alone?
Artemis/Holly (haiku)
Tension gluing doubts
Blue/hazel, smirks with flutters
:iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 0 18
EllenxPaige by Hetalia8P EllenxPaige :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 0 10
Cliched Bells
This won’t just be another rant of closure
Like our world (shattered by my hand)
I have to make this difficult.
The ghost of you residing behind my eyes will listen.
I’m called by high-pitched bells to another land
And I’ll follow.
Will you follow your bells?
Sealing the doorway shut forever?
Trod after the sound, I won’t blame you
Just defeat my separation anxiety.
With your humor and hair and eyes…
I’ll repair, with a single respecting crack
That will bleed, and I won’t fight it.
I’ve let you in too thoroughly to ever purge myself of little memories
So follow your bells.
:iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 0 3
Our Tire Dragon
The beast should have struck fear
In the hearts of our pack
But no. Our actions were clear
Climb and thrive; how we hated turning back
For the tire monstrosity, we all shed a tear.
We didn't care if bees shared the haven.
The dragon now buzzed, it roared
I laughed at their worries of cave-in.
Timidly jumping, we soared
But they killed our friend with the intention of saving.
It was an enchanted place
Where we hid and giggled and lived
For an hour a day, as that was the case.
And the smiling enemy thought they'd give
Us a replacement. The look on her face!
We don't forgive, with our little arms crossed
A grudge was held for years to come
We mourn the formationed tires we lost
2nd graders find safety horrendously dumb.
The protection we earned came at a cost.
:iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 2 9
Relativity Among Relatives
“Why do you like to write?”
Oh child, why do you like to breathe? To eat?
It’s a necessity. My whole life I’ll continue, with no end in sight.
The keyboard, it’s alive, mimicking the beat
Of my heart, though it pounds in longing. I’d touch the screen, so we might
Be one and together, my writing and I. My train of thought is fixedly neat
Words, words. Stunningly mine, replacing the sun as the true source of light.
If you’ve never written, never felt that rush of proud heat
As your work is finished, each pretty syllable just right
I pity you, friend. To deny yourself that pleasure is a terrible feat.
The desire to create runs in my blood, the tradition almost trite
But we’re related. Fine, sit back, laze about in your seat
I’ll make, and do, and be. I’ve a reason to fight.
:iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 2 13
Talent by Hetalia8P Talent :iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 3 24
A Plea to the Gifted
Be easier, love, I’m but a girl.
I know you’re trying to help, I know you care
You’re the spherical oyster’s beloved pearl.
Words, precious words, my head starts to whirl
I’ll never assimilate all the knowledge you bear.
Be easier, love, I’m but a girl.
Petals of the mind begin to unfurl
Why, in such a world, we’d make a fine pair!
You’re the spherical oyster’s beloved pearl.
I truly am sorry if you think me a churl
My thoughts tend to gallop, wild mares.
Be easier, love, I’m but a girl.
The blank page taunts me, fingers starting to curl
How do you do it, my mentor? I’m begging you, share.
You’re the spherical oyster’s beloved pearl.
On the tree of your mind, I fear I’m a burl
Help me flower. Teach me, will you? Sit me down in the chair.
Be easier, love, I’m but a girl.
You’re the spherical oyster’s beloved pearl.
:iconhetalia8p:Hetalia8P 1 7


Out There Be Monsters by muffinpoodle Out There Be Monsters :iconmuffinpoodle:muffinpoodle 150 117 My Little Pundit by ErinPtah My Little Pundit :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 38 8 Nothing's Gonna Harm You by erekrose Nothing's Gonna Harm You :iconerekrose:erekrose 9 2 A Bloody Wonder by hriviel A Bloody Wonder :iconhriviel:hriviel 42 22 Orlando by Erdbeereis95 Orlando :iconerdbeereis95:Erdbeereis95 42 2 Toy Story Nails by tharesek Toy Story Nails :icontharesek:tharesek 1,419 254 LOST: The Great Pumpkin by Buuya LOST: The Great Pumpkin :iconbuuya:Buuya 140 35 I won't use so many onions by Buuya I won't use so many onions :iconbuuya:Buuya 112 79 Shut the fuck up, L by Go-Devil-Dante Shut the fuck up, L :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 17,226 3,300 Impersonation 101 by ErinPtah Impersonation 101 :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 13 17 Beecake by Koratasu Beecake :iconkoratasu:Koratasu 27 14 Paint Shirt by ErinPtah Paint Shirt :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 14 6 JxS - Blue - Red Carpet by ErinPtah JxS - Blue - Red Carpet :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 14 8 Juan Estuardo by ErinPtah Juan Estuardo :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 12 12 Sailor Conan and Sailor Tina by ErinPtah Sailor Conan and Sailor Tina :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 36 21 JxS - Eyebrows by ErinPtah JxS - Eyebrows :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 33 13



Corinne Aurel
United States
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite cartoon character: Japan (Hetalia: Axis Powers)
Personal Quote: Everyone fails at life and wins at death. Think about it.
  • Listening to: Diplomat's Son
  • Reading: Vampire Knight/Death Note/Huck Finn
  • Watching: Ouran
  • Eating: Strawberries *joke that no one gets*
*shuffles in*

Update that no one will get!

(I'm totally copying you, miz Kaios-wolf.)

Lost broke my heart! D= Sun, Jin, AND Sayid died all in ten minutes! And Jin didn't even have to die, he just stayed with Sun! This is too many exclamation points!


My French project looks like someone threw up crayons on a weirdly cut piece of paper.


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